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With Soft Bright LEDs, Navisor provides real time visual navigational cues to the rider

Forget your hassles with phones stands, bike mounts and get seamless navigation on the go

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Convert your helmet to smart helmet now! Slide Navisor onto your helmet and experience unmatched navigation experience and safety

How is Navisor helping riders to improve their safety?

Navisor eliminates the need for phone mounts for navigation with its unique peripheral cueing system. These display system offers multiple colour indications for impending turns, U-turns, minor turns without distracting the rider’s attention from the road.
This enhances overall safety and security of the rider.

Product Features

Navisor is loaded with features and is a perfect companion for your next bike trip! Some of the key features are

Non Intrusive Visual Cues

Modular design, transforms any modern helmet from just a dome to an advanced GPS assistant with its easy-to-attach & detach, rigid helmet mounting.

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